Single Musician

Logo Design, Illustrator is a dating website designed specifically for musicians and music lovers to interact and meet. The company's mission is to bring people who have a love of music together. They were seeking an logo that was modern, simple, creative, and passionate. For this piece, I wanted to focus on an illustration that represented music and people. Many renditions of the logo were produced that in its core had to do with music. In the end a illustration depicting two hearts listening to music was chosen. The idea that people share a bond over music is represented through this logo. I wanted to create a simple, but bold and compelling logo. I did this by focusing on key elements of their online dating site: the earphones representing music and hearts representing love. The color red was selected as it is generally associated with love and passion. The font I chose gives the rest of the logo a very simple, vivid and modern feel.

Initial Sketches

Initial Concepts

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