Present Learning

Rebrand, Logo Design, Brand Collateral

Present Learning is a new venture started by Rossi Dimitrova, an authentic relating coach and circling facilitator. She is passionate about making authentic connections and genuinely listening to others. She currently helps people who are feeling stuck in their lives due to big transitions, provides assistance identifying and resolving limiting beliefs that keep us from living more meaningful lives, and helps anyone looking for more joy and fulfillment in their work lives or their relationships.

Project Details

Rossi was interested in rebranding her business. Together we figured out who Rossi’s target audience was and what truly mattered for her business and her customers. Afterwards, I designed an identity that included a beautiful logo, marks, patterns, color palette and font recommendations. In addition to the brand identity, I designed a few few print and digital pieces including business cards, an email signature and a sample instagram post.

Brand Keywords

Joy | Love | Community | Compassion | Authentic relating | Self-development | Long Lasting Connections | Clarity

The Process

Brand Strategy

First, Rossi filled out a questionnaire that had important questions about her business, her audience and what makes her business unique from the rest. I also researched her competition and audience to gain even more insight into how they think.

After this, we met for an initial brand strategy meeting to further clarify any questions I had about the questionairre. We also discussed what she is passionate about, her values, and how this makes her stand apart from other businesses.

Through this process, we established that her brand’s keywords: joy, love, community, compassion, authentic relating, self-development, long lasting connections and clarity. These words are not only crucial when thinking about her business as she moves forward, but also important to use as a starting point for her brand’s identity. Another thing that emerged during brand strategy sessions was her business name. During one of our meetings, she identified that providing more learning opportunities for her clients was a key objective moving forward. This realization helped with the creation of her business name during the branding process.


Along with the brand strategy, a moodboard was created that encapsulated all the keywords and her audience’s essence. I wanted to convey a modern, joyful, spiritual and interconnected feeling to her brand. I focused on bright, happy and natural colors, modern typography, and , joyful, communal images of people.

Brand Identity


Logo Design

The foundation of Present Learning is one of self-development and clarity. The lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening, self-awareness & rebirth. Because of this, choosing to use an illustration of the lotus flower for the primary logo seemed very appropriate. The leaves are overlaid on top of one another illustrating interconnection. This is a huge part of her brand’s spirit: community and long lasting connections. The illustration also uses multiple colors giving a feeling of energy and joy. Lastly, a rounded sans-serif font, was chosen for the brand to feel approachable yet modern.

Secondary Logo and Marks

A few other versions were created for more versatile use. A version of the primary logo was created in one color using an outline of the logomark instead of the use of solid colors. The logo is shown in various vertical stacked forms for times when the primary logo can’t be used. Marks are a great addition to the overall brand identity. They can be used as little details in print collateral, digital collateral like social media or packaging. Symbols or monograms can be used when the primary logo is not needed or in cases where the business name is already being used.

Logo in Use

Below are some examples of how the logo is being used in different print and digital environments.

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