Pilates by Sarah

Logo Design, Illustrator

Pilates by Sarah was a logo I designed for a new pilates studio. Some of the characteristics that the client used to describe her pilates practice were: being strong, flowing, and getting results. She also mentioned that she wanted to target young to middle aged women. Because of this, I decided to illustrate a young woman performing pilates who looks strong, yet elegant and free. Pilates based movements all stem from the core, nevertheless it is an entire body workout. The circle depicted in the logo is a representation of the core, but at the same time also draws the whole image together. The circle also represents the idea of being centered and at peace. I wanted the color scheme I selected for the logo to generate a feeling of calmness while simultanously one of stregth. The color green has many calming attributes, while still being energetic. The lighter green outline color brings a sense vibrancy to the piece. The color purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. It also symbolizes power. I settled on a modern, rounded font to capture the characteristics of gentleness and femenitity.

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