House of Gibby

Logo Design, Illustrator

The client came to me with a vision for what she wanted for her logo. She gave me an initial concept where she highlighted important aspects of what she wanted to capture in her logo. I started by creating some initial sketches and then proceded to come up with some initial designs. In the end, we chose something very close to the inital concept she provided. The final design I created emcopassed all the ideas and attributes she expressed in the initial discovery phase.

The guitar and bass illustrations within the Gibby name matched with the font I ultimately chose. The client wanted the logo to be enclosed within a guitar pick. I refined and simplified the shape of the pick to match the overall design. I wanted to create a logo that was clean, yet bold and sleek. For colors, the client expressed interest in the shade purple. I created various color combinations based on the preferences of the client while trying to embody the feeling of a cool underground music scene. There were a couple variations of the final logo, one with a textured background and another with colors exuding a regal tone.

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