Dance and Music Academy

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Dance and Music Academy has been enriching the community for 15 years. They take great pride in providing a curriculum that is tailored to individual desires, allowing participants to thrive in the areas they choose to explore. DMA is dedicated to empowering young minds through the arts and find great value in knowing each student on a personal and artistic level.

Goal and Vision for the Site

The client expressed that two of her main goals were for her current students to be able to access class information easily and for new visitors to become familiar with the studio's philosophy and training style. She wanted to convey to the audience that they are a high level training facility and that their instructors inspire students to be creative. Vibrant and energetic images of current students are distributed throughout the site to capture the audience's attention and to illustrate what the dance academy is all about.

Kind Words

"Gisela was wonderful to work with. She made the process exciting and fun by thoroughly understanding her client's needs and wishes. The end result was a beautiful new site for my customers to utilize. I highly recommend her!"

Krissie Odegard Geye - Owner / Artistic Director Dance and Music Academy

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